Things To Know About The Life of Cabin Crew

If you are looking forward to apply for becoming a cabin crew/ flight attendant and want to know everything about their life (Pros and Cons included), then you are at a very right place.

Airlines primarily employ flight attendants to perform safety functions on an aircraft. This function operates alongside their conspicuous customer service presence. The role is often portrayed as being quite glamorous.

However, as with any job, it has both its pros and its cons. Some of them are stated below. This will help you to make a picture in your mind about what exactly it means to be an air hostess.


The POSITIVES-Cabin Crew

You get PAID to see the WORLD

You can visit many places all around the world.
  • Basically, you get paid to travel.
  • This is the HEART of all the advantages.
  • A job that pays you to fly to new cities worldwide while providing you a minimum 4 or 5 star hotels.
  • Sometimes a long layover (24 to 72 hrs) can be very exciting. One has enough time for sightseeing, visiting restaurants and exploring the place.
  • Additionally, many airlines have contracts with each other that allows the cabin crew to fly for free all over the world.

Flying Benefits for you, your family and friends..

You get concessions on tickets for your family and friends.
  • With your own Airline and domestic flights you pretty much fly for free.
  • While with other airlines to fly abroad, you just have to pay the Airport taxes (but sometimes even more)
  • Cabin crew can get their holidays for a cheap price as most airlines offer to their workers discounted or free tickets.
  • Benefits for friends and family vary from airline to airline.
  • Getting flight benefits is genuinely convenient as they receive various experience and get to know distinctive culture from all over the world.
  • The only downside of this is they are standby tickets-No guaranteed seat.

You gain People and Social Skills..

You learn how to care for everyone that too effortlessly.
  • If you’re a people’s person, you are likely to be very well suited to the role of a flight attendant.
  • It is great for learning and improving your social skills.
  • You learn to listen, communicate effectively and staying pleasant and polite. Also you interact with all type of people from different backgrounds, cultures, age groups, etc.
  • You can also meet famous personalities like filmstars, businessmen, sportsmen, etc.
  • As a cabin crew you will learn to deal with all kind of passengers effortlessly.

YOU Pick Your Lifestyle

Everytime you are on a layover you’ll get to stay in 4-5 Stars Hotels only.
  • Some attendants like to have layovers.
  • If you are one of them we’ll recommend you to apply for Charter airline or Mainline Carrier.
  • And if you are amongst those who want to sleep in your own bed each night then we’ll suggest you to opt for low budget or regional carrier.


Who like discounts?-EVERYBODY!!
  • This is the REAL BONUS.
  • Cabin crews receive a lot of discount coupons for shops, car rental, hotels, spa treatments, even medical services and many more.

The NEGATIVES-Cabin Crew

In light of the aforementioned positives, it is, of course, also important to consider any downsides of the role.

Being a part of a Cabin Crew, it comes all under your duty.
Flight Attendants have opportunities to travel to many parts of their country and the rest of the world. Pleasant perks and travel benefits are also advantages.

Flight Attendants can take pride in playing a vital role in the safety and overall experience of aeroplane passengers as well.

It’s true that the crew gets to travel to new places, meet celebrities in first class, and experience the glamour of being an airline Steward or Stewardess. There is more to this job than just serving meals to passengers and ensuring your makeup looks perfect at all times.

If you want to be a flight attendant to experience this glamour and to travel the whole world then, think twice before getting into it.

Here are the some disadvantages of being a cabin crew:

You Miss Out Important Events..

But there are high chances that you miss out important events and festivals too.
  • A cabin crew’s lifestyle can be hard if one has a family, a house, or pets.
  • As a passenger, it is important to remember that flight attendants fly you to your family and friends instead of spending time with their own loved ones.

Its Stressful !

You may also get stressed on your bad days.
  • A cabin crew has to work for very long and odd hours.
  • There are no regular time slots in which they have to work. There is nothing like weekends or even Sundays for them.
  • They get very less time to spend with their family and friends. This is a major disadvantage as you do not have a life of your own.
  • A lot of physical and emotional stress is involved in this job. You need to stand for almost all the time during the journey.
  • You can be called anytime by any passenger to help them.

The First Pay Is Really Very LOW..

You may also get disappointed with your first salary in hands.
  • Flight attendants generally receive pay at an hourly rate that includes aspects of their day such as airport security and briefings.
  • On the whole, this can make for a much longer working day than one might expect when just looking at the time spent onboard the aircraft itself.
  • Additionally, they receive a daily rate while on layovers.
  • Considering their significant safety responsibilities, flight attendants receive a comparatively low salary.
  • This is especially the case when they first take to the skies. Indeed, it can take up to 15 years before a flight attendant is earning what would be considered a high salary.
  • Although you get pay raise when you progress to the next level of crew, your first year can be super hard both financially and emotionally.

Mostly on STAND-BY (On Call) at the beginning..

  • Making plans when you are on stand by/reserve are pretty much impossible.
  • You can be on a reserve for a day, for a month, or even for years specially in US Airlines.
  • This means you are the company’s beck and call.
  • So you have to face the fact that when you first start out you have to be on reserve.
  • During this time a cabin crew has ZERO control on your schedule.

Note:  However, in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, now might not be the best time to apply to be one.

NO to Relationships

I’m not a relationship advisor but trust me you can’t maintain a relationship in this job.

Travelling at extreme flying hours makes you stay far from the one you love the most, living far can create insecurities which aren’t good for a relationship.

You always have to be Calm and Patient.

Listen more than talk, spread happiness and maintain the comfort of passengers. Tiredness and lack of sleep lead to frustration which is the only thing you have to avoid while doing your job.

You will face arrogant, depressed, low-spirited, mad and different types of passengers who will see you as a waitress and nothing more.

There will be unusual situations in which you have to calm yourself.
You have to listen to the speeches of people who will give you advice about your life. Some of them travel just to annoy you while some of them completely ignore the rules.

You have to train yourself to handle a crying baby and it’s your responsibility to impress everyone. Through training I remember one more point.

The Cabin Crew Training

Cabin Crew job is not an easy job to get into; you have to prepare self for hard training that will test your abilities to do work in different situations.

The seven weeks of training will develop your respect and dedication to the job.

“Hello, Sir/Mam welcome on board”.
“Thank you, bye!”
“Have a good day ahead”.
You will get tired to say these lines hundreds of times in a day.
So be prepared and think twice before stepping into it.

These are some disadvantages of this job but don’t think too much, if your dream is to fly high and to serve happiness by learning something new every day and meeting people of different cultures from every corner of the world. Then you are going in the right direction.

Let’s Wrap Up

Despite of the above mentioned negatives, a cabin crew’s role for the right people is a hugely rewarding one. In my opinion if you like meeting new people and love to travel. Cabin crew will be a best job for you.



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