The new HANSA-NG is all set to train new pilots

The HANSA-NG equipped with IFR-compliant avionics with smart multi-functional displays, a glass cockpit, and a bubble canopy design is a successor to the HANSA aircraft that was developed two decades ago by NAL.

HANSA-NG became a part of the exhibition in Wings India 2020 and Aero India 2021. Attracted by its potential capabilities, several flying clubs gave Letters of Intent for about 30 aircraft on the spot. In addition to this, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA) proposed to sign an MoU with CSIR-NAL as a launch customer of HANSA-NG for pilot training.


The aircraft has undergone extensive flight testing and was later certified by the DGCA under the JAR-VLA category in the year 2000. CSIR-NAL manufactured and delivered 11 aircraft to flying clubs across India through DGCA during the year 2000 to 2007. The total flying hours logged by these aircraft is about 4000 hrs.

CSIR-NAL, Bengaluru, pioneers in India’s Civil Aircraft Design & Development, initiated the design and development of a two-seater ab-initio trainer aircraft “HANSA-NG” – an all-composite aircraft and the first of its kind in the country.

Demanding Aviation Industry

By 2016, India became one of the largest civil aviation markets with a huge demand for trained pilots. Many flying clubs started looking for cost-effective trainer aircraft, which could meet the statutory requirements of commercial pilot licensing.

“We previously did a market survey from a professional agency for six months and found the potential of the growing civil aviation market and that there is a requirement for 100-120 aircraft,” NAL Director Jitendra Jadhav briefed.

Following this, NAL retro modified HANSA-3 aircraft with a glass cockpit and got it certified by DGCA and demonstrated at Aero-India 2019.

Realizing the potent

Realizing this potential, CSIR-NAL made its decision to revitalize HANSA in order to cater to the demand for a trainer aircraft. Interactions with flying clubs and regulatory authorities led to the specifications of HANSA – New Generation (NG).

With a growing need for a Swadeshi trainer aircraft, the Government sanctioned the HANSA –NG project towards the end of 2018. CSIR-NAL retro-modified HANSA-3 aircraft with a glass cockpit and got it certified by DGCA. The aircraft was finally demonstrated at Aero-India 2019.

  • CSIR-NAL identified M/s Mesco Aerospace Ltd. as the production partner and jointly started the design and development of HANSA-NG with lower cost and superior performance as compared to contemporary aircraft of a similar class.
  • The selection of a highly efficient digitally controlled Rotax 912 ISC engine with superior performance increased the range and endurance.


The Smart Composite Manufacturing facility was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Harsh Vardhan in 2019.

Design and Production Organization Approvals were obtained from DGCA and manufacturing of HANSA-NG was initiated in September 2020. By using the innovative JIPREG composite technique various components of HANSA-NG were manufactured in a record time of four months only.

Subsequently, by using the latest semi-jigless technology, integration and equipping of the aircraft was completed in a record time of a mere two weeks.