The Amazon and Sun Country Partnership

The AMAZON is in the smartest league of Jet aircrafts. And, they are a key partner for Amazon. Sun Country is together.

Not all of the Amazon’s Boeing 737-800 cargo jets are in deal with the Sun Country. But yes, the airline is a key partner for Amazon.

If you think mega companies like Amazon are just in marketing and Web Services, you are wrong. Amazon owns Cargo Jets in order for shipment and export across the globe.

Amazon’s Boeing 737-800 cargo jets are with Sun Country. And, they are a key partner for Amazon.

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Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier.

It previously and now flew under most radars. But, gradually it pushed through a transition from full service to ultra-low-cost.

However, to its scrounging downfall, luck glanced a stark chance.

Only, one deal that boosted the airline’s profile. And, this was one to fly Boeing 737-800 cargo aircraft for Amazon in 2019.

  • The report is as per discussion with the Sun Country’s CEO, Jude Bricker.
    • It was in regards to discuss the airline’s deal with Amazon.

Why the Sun Country– Amazon deal works?

The partnership between Amazon and Sun Country has helped the e-commerce a lot. This elevated the giant, fuel its cargo network. Mr. Bricker stated the following on the cargo deal.


Amazon had airplanes. And, so they needed the most was the support of a carrier that could ramp-up really rapidly.

And, this could further support the kind of growth profile that they had.

Sun Country says-

We were a sizable operation, but not too big to where we we could give them the kind of service that they required.

If they were going to other 737 operators like Alaska and Southwest that were really large, they wouldn’t be able to give the kind of attention that we give them. So, It was a good marriage.

The other thing is, we get really good reliability out of older 737-800s. And, this is also the one which is their fleet type.”

“Their number one focus, as they’ve expressed to us deliver products reliably. And, that’s what we commit to give.”

New fleet

Amazon does have its own fleet of aircraft, but it is not an airline.

Instead, it prefers to work with other carriers to fly the cargo jets on their behalf to support their network. The Amazon aircraft are mostly Boeing 767s.

Amazon does have its own fleet of jets.

Aircraft familiarity

Sun Country can keep costs down on the Amazon deal. It is because it is already familiar with the jet. The company had a minimal learning curve to get the jets flying for Amazon.

In addition, the Boeing 737-800 is Sun Country’s preferred fleet type. The pilots that it allocates for domestic services are also able to fly the cargo jets. This helps keep crew training costs down, too.

Sun Country is an all-Boeing operator.

The Sun Country airlines haven’t been keen to launch its own freighter brand.
Some airlines operate passenger services alongside a cargo brand.

  • For example-
    • Cathay Pacific flies passengers under its main brand.
    • And, cargo under the Cathay Pacific Cargo brand.
  • Lufthansa has a similar model.

Cargo Business

However, Sun Country is not keen on moving in that direction, as Mr. Bricker stated on a cargo business:

“It’s very difficult. It’s actually a very concentrated industry with UPS, US Postal Service, FedEx. now, Amazon. Air freight is really concentrated. So you can either be a charter operator in that space and subject to the whims of those customers, or you can partner with somebody, and that’s what we did.”

Sun Country Airlines benefits in the off-peak months from its cargo business with Amazon.


Among airlines some operate both cargo and passenger brands. The cargo operation is generally smaller than the passenger operation in the fleet count.

The passenger and cargo worlds are also very different.

Cargo airlines generally fly fewer segments per day. While, passenger airlines try to fly their planes as much as possible. Also, cargo airlines usually fly older aircraft.

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Amazon and Sun Country partnership for Cargo

Amazon and Sun Country partnership for Cargo

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Sun Country Airlines benefits in the off-peak months from its cargo business with Amazon.
Sun Country Airlines benefits in the off-peak months from its cargo business with Amazon.