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DEFINATION-Aircraft Maintenance .

No aircraft is so tolerant of neglect that it is safe in the absence of an effective inspection and maintenance programme.

The processes that affect an aircraft are deterioration with age (e.g. fatigue, wear and corrosion) as well as chance failures (e.g. tyre burst, excess structural loads).

Aircraft maintenance can be defined in a number of ways and the following may help understand the different aspects:

Need of Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is intended to keep the aircraft in a state which will or has enabled a certificate of release to service to be issued.

A hangar environment may be available but is often not necessary.

Moreover, Aircraft maintenance is that part of the process of aircraft technical activity which is conducted on aircraft whilst it remains in the line maintenance or base maintenance environment.

Types of Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft have set checks at various intervals, often known as flight line maintenance checks and also four different types of higher-level maintenance:

A, B, C, and the heaviest D checks.

Maintenance will consist of a mixture of preventive and corrective work, including precautionary work to ensure that there have been no undetected chance failures.

There will be inspection to monitor the progress of wear out processes, in addition to:

Line maintenance

This would typically include Pre-flight checks, daily checks (before first flight) fluids, failure rectification as well as minor, scheduled maintenance tasks as follows.

According to EASA Part 145, AMC 145.A.10, line maintenance should be understood as “any maintenance that is carried out before flight to ensure that the aircraft is fit for the intended flight.”

This may include:

EASA Part 145, AMC 145.A.10 also explains that “for temporary or occasional cases (ADs, SBs) the Quality Manager may accept base maintenance tasks to be performed by a line maintenance organisation provided all requirements are fulfilled as defined by the competent authority”.

It is also noted that “Maintenance tasks falling outside these criteria are considered to be Base Maintenance”.

Base Maintenance

Base maintenance may be referred to as heavy (or depth) maintenance, and consists of tasks that are generally more in-depth and long-lasting than those above, but are performed less frequently.

An MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) company will have to have large facilities and specialised equipment and staff to undertake base maintenance, and many operators contract-out this function.

The different activities may include:

Type-A Maintenance

The next level of checks is known as A checks.

The maintenance work during A checks often covers general inspections of the interior and the aircraft hull for evidence of damage, deformation, corrosion, missing parts. Additionally, it also includes service, engine, and function checks.

Other work performed could entail things such as:

Type-B Maintenance

Next, B checks are often completed during the A check phase, as airlines and operators have phased out B checks.

Aviation maintenance professionals perform B maintenance checks approximately every 6-8 months. It takes about 160-180 labor hours, depending on the aircraft, and can be completed within 1–3 days at an airport hangar.

Type-C Maintenance

C and D checks typically fall under “heavy maintenance,” and are much more extensive than the B check.

There are different levels of C checks depending on the type of aircraft, much like how A checks incorporate B check tasks!

For example, a schedule might have aviation maintenance technicians performing C1 check tasks on a certain day and then the next day continuing with C2 and so on.

Type-D Maintenance

Lastly, the so-called “heavy maintenance visit” occurs every 6-10 years depending on the aircraft.

There comes a certain point where airlines realize that the cost of repair is more than the actual cost of the aircraft. This usually happens after two or three D checks.

Because of the nature and the cost of a D check, most airlines plan D checks years in advance.

Oh, and also the cost of the entire process can cost upwards of a few million dollars!

Routine Maintenance and You!

There is a strict system for aircraft to be properly maintained, repaired, overhauled, and also inspected as time goes on.

It’s time to dream bigger.

Train to become an aviation maintenance technician in as little as 14 months at National Aviation Academy!

Maintenance Intervals

The intervals of maintenance are parameters set within the Approved Maintenance Schedule (AMS), which is in turn based on the Maintenance Planning Document (MPD).

These will be set according to different criteria, mostly depending on how well damage can be detected and failure predicted.

Units for Maintenance Intervals

Aircraft Maintenance Salary

AME has a very bright future. It is a very adventurous job. It is skilled and very well paid job.

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Aircraft Maintenance Jobs

Overall employment of aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians is projected to grow 5 percent from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations.

Job opportunities are expected to be good because there will be a need to replace those workers leaving the occupation.

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The best countries for Aircraft Maintenance Jobs.

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