Steps to Become Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

There is lots of struggle from getting Admission in Training Organisation till becoming Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) and today we will talk about it.

So following are the steps or you can say a journey any person go through to become AME :

Its very important that you pursue this course from the approved training Organisation (ATO) and in india it’s CAR 147 DGCA approved while if we consider European countries then it’s EASA PART 147, For USA it’s FAA A&P course like this from countries to countries the name of course changes but the work remain same to maintain the Aircraft to Airworthy condition.

Then comes crucial phase of life to Become “TRAINEE OR TECHNICIAN.
I said crucial because this phase will test your patience and knowledge as this is struggling phase because once you passout from college you will not going to get Job immediately and you need to sometime wait for month’s or even years.
But it’s mandatory to join approved maintenance Organisation (AMO).

Then once you got the job then you will become “JUNIOR TECHNICIAN.
Here you will learn a lot and more physical work work will be there and less mental stress.
The experience you will gain will help you join any reputed Airlines and MROs.
So work with your 100% concentration.

Then after working for Few Months You will become
Here you will carry out some really Challenging task and responsibilities will increase day by day.
So this phase will test your endurance and ask questions that are you suitable for Becoming AME if you succeeded then you can have that confidence to become AME.

Then if you have worked for years then you will become “SENIOR TECHNICIAN OR FOREMAN.
This position is Very Common as many Technician who are not eligible to become AME by any reason one of that is not cleared the modules, then that person will remain here and sometimes SR TECH is more experienced then AME itself.

Then finally after lots of hardwork and clearing modules you Will become ” AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE ENGINEER (AME).
The AME Will have huge responsibility on its shoulder and you should be physically and mentally sound as there will be New problems everyday and you must find the correct solutions.

The job is not over yet as becoming Type rated AME doesn’t means that you will be able to certify that Aircraft for that you must become ” CERTIFYING STAFF AME.
A person who is responsible for completion of Aircraft Maintenance works and a person who will issue Certificate of release to Service i.e CRS.
And he/she will be called responsible for any fault or failure in Aircraft.
So you must be very careful at this position.

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