Samsung Star 3 Duos S5222 Home Button Problem Solution Ways

Samsung Star 3 Duos S5222 Home Button Problem Solution Ways Samsung S5230 White Lcd Display, Samsung GT-S5230 White Lcd Display, Lcd Samsung S5230 Damage Missing Jack Prints.
To solve the problem of the lcd screen Samsung GT-S5230 we have required some tools and components.
Nokia screw driver and t4 t5 for opening screw.
LCD Panel for Samsung S5230
Electronics Cleaner for oxidation or water damage.
The hot air drying motherboard.
Jack Lcd if we have to replace it.

Diagnosting and solution:
After removing Samsung GT-S5230 lcd and check remove lcd jack and next to the area of rust or water damage.
If here is some carbon in parts or lcd jack.
Apply electronic cleaner and dry with hot air for a few mint.
Do not apply so much heat that can damage your skin and parts of the motherboard too.
Check with Lcd and if it is blank replace it with a new one.
Could it be possible that lcd jack plugs are not present or not getting connected to lcd and change it.
Check all these links as given in the above diagram in different colors so you can easily find.

Do not apply to much heat can damage the motherboard.
Make sure mother board is suitable electronic clean dry when applied.
Check jack and remove Lcd sure solder has been melted.
If the solder does not melt right and try to delete lcd jack prints could be damage.
Substituting lcd lcd make sure strip is fixed properly.
There may be damage to place the phone if not in its right place.

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