Gamer’s favourite PUBG has already released its, the Motor Glider aircraft. It flown in the skies of Erangel and Miramar in the PUBG Labs.

Planes like the C-130 are the major vehicle that transports the players onto the island. These, for an instance (like the C-130) deliver air-drops across the map in classic game modes.

Playerunknown Battlegrounds.
Playerunknown Battlegrounds. |

Prop airplanes and Pillar Scout Helicopter also fly over and drop supplies (airdrops) in War mode.

The Motor Glider

The Motor Glider is an aircraft vehicle in the Playerunknown’s  BATTLEGROUNDS.

Playerunknown Battlegrounds.
Motor glider used in the game. | “Fly like an Eagle.” |

The Motor Glider was introduced in PUBG Labs on December 19th – December 22nd.

Update history

Update- 43 (Season 8 – Update 8.1)

The main perk being that the Airfield, perhaps unsurprisingly, now has a chance to spawn the Motor Glider!

  • This is the only place you can find it on Sanhok (Remastered).
  • So, grab a gas can and take it to the skies!

Update- 38 (Season 6 – Update 6.1)

This Motor Glider is available on Erangel and Miramar.

10 Motor Gliders will spawn across the map each game, across 40 potential locations.


Motor Glider has two seats:

  • One for pilot – one for passenger who can shoot and use any weapon from the backseat.
Playerunknown Battlegrounds.
The original motor Glider. |
  • To takeoff, you must gain the necessary speed of 65 km/h then pitch up with the S key.

You’ll start to take off automatically once you hit 70 km/h.

Motor Glider’s fuel consumption rate is tied to the engine speed. So, the more throttle you apply, the faster you will run out of gas.

There’s no maximum altitude you can reach, the sky is the limit! But engine will start losing power the higher the altitude you are at.


  • Use W/S keys to control the pitch and A/D to control the roll of the aircraft.
  • Adjust the throttle by holding Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys.
  • Hold Space bar when on the ground to engage handbrake.

Datamined once

The above vehicle was leaked in the game files on December 11th, 2019 from data mined files.

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The original motor glider developed in PUBG labs

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gets its first player-controlled aircraft. It is the Motor Glider, which is available for test flights at the PUBG Labs server.

Playerunknown Battlegrounds.
The original motor Glider. |

The Motor Glider (that’s it above) seats two. It as of now doesn’t have any armaments. The players can still drop throwables (molotovs are most useful). And also, fire from above as similar to the acts performed with other vehicles.

  • While the engine may be destroyed, it can still glide to a landing with indestructible landing gear.
    • The wings take damage, but at a lesser rate than the body.
It will be spawned randomly around the map, but it has no service ceiling. As a result, it will lose power the higher you go with it. It also has a limited fuel supply.

The Motor Glider test took place on the Erangel and Miramar maps. Players on the PC version of PUBG will find the test in a banner on the public match menu of their main screen.

The C-130 Non-Pilotable Plane

The C-130 is a non-pilotable plane in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Playerunknown Battlegrounds.
The C-130 |

The C-130 is used to paradrop players onto the map with a parachute.

Trivia accomplishment

Earlier in the Alpha – Closed Beta, the C-130 was badly designed in the interior. And, it couldn’t even fit 100 players (that’s why they had 2 planes during that period).

As a result of this, only half of the plane was being used. So, they further extended it in the inside to fit more.

Playerunknown Battlegrounds.
An insight from the game. |

C-130’s were introduced into the game because they would frequently fly over the PUBG offices in Seoul.

Wow! Isn’t this very unexpectedly interesting?

This type of C-130 has 2 variants.

Playerunknown Battlegrounds.
Variant -1. |
Playerunknown Battlegrounds.
Variant -2 |

An original C-130 aircraft

The Lockheed C-130 Hercules is an American four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft. It has been designed and built originally by Lockheed.

The aircraft is exceptionally capable of using unprepared runways for takeoffs and landings. However, the C-130 was originally designed as a troop, medevac, and cargo transport aircraft.

Playerunknown Battlegrounds.
The aircraft is capable of operating from rough, dirt strips and is the prime transport for paradropping troops and equipment into hostile areas. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Howard Blair)

Pillar Scout Helicopter

Appears in:Haven
Pillar Scout Helicopter in the game.
Helicopter in the game.

The Pillar Scout Helicopter is an AI driven aircraft vehicle in BATTLEGROUNDS.


This- Pillar Scout Helicopter spawns only in Haven. The helicopter roams in the skies of Haven. And, it helps in detecting players hiding in open spaces.

A spotlight is shone directly on detected players and their position is relayed directly to Pillar Tactical.

PUBG tips
The AI driven Helicopter. |

Tip for you: Pillar Tactical then move out towards the highlighted players to launch their assault.

Real Scout Helicopter

Scout, states a description of a class of military aircraft. This came into use shortly before the First World War. And, it was initially referred to a fast (for its time), light (usually single-seated) unarmed reconnaissance aircraft.

PUBG tips
War age Scout aircraft. |

 “Scout” types were generally adaptations of pre-war racing aircraft. Although, at least one (the Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.2) was especially and originally designed for the role.

Scout’s dimensions are close to traditional two-seat helicopters. Inspite of this it can easily carry three people with luggage.

PUBG tips
A real Scout Helicopter. |
  • The appearance of the helicopter borrows from an articulate automotive design. This makes it more understandable and attractive to amateur pilots.

The engine uses standard A-95 gasoline which allows refueling at regular gas stations. This effectively removes any restrictions on the Scout’s flying range.

Insights and tips for your favourite game- PUBG

The Dos’ and Don’ts of this game are pretty simple. And, you can easily win by following steps in the game.

PUBG tips
Game Insights. |
  • Getting the Game Basics Right!
    • Use the sneak mode to kill players without alarming others.
    • Swim across lakes and ponds (do take care of your oxygen level, though!).
  • Plan your movements aptly!
    • Most crucial part of the game. If you start well you tend to get placed higher in the net rankings at the end of the game.
  • Perfect landings have a definite edge
    • One method of increasing the speed with the parachute on is revolving around the spot you have chosen to pick.
    • Rotating around the spot of landing gives you centripetal force making a quick landing.
  • Knowing your circles well
    • If you’re medium to the near range, you must run for it. The best way is to play on the edge of the circle.
  • Firing Technique Is Important!
    • Equip yourself with the largest weapon. It will provide the most space in your inventory and never keep anything twice.
  • Know your Armor Capability
    • Without using a helmet or body armor, it can take just one bullet to hit you fatally. 
  • Map knowledge Is Of Essence
    • Where to land and what to look out for during the game is of the essence.
  • Health aids are Supreme Saviours
    • Most important asset after your weapon. And you must know what each item does.
PUBG tips
Courtesy to Game developers. |
(10 seconds to apply)
Fills the health to 100
First-aid kit
(7 seconds to apply)
Fills the health to 100 instantly
(4 seconds to apply)
Takes one minute for the health to go to 100
The medical aid provided in the game.
  • Plan your way up Phase-Wise
    • It is important that you have a fixed plan from the very beginning. 

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Gamer's favourite PUBG has already released its, the Motor Glider aircraft.

Gamer's favourite PUBG has already released its, the Motor Glider aircraft.
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Gamer's favourite PUBG has already released its, the Motor Glider aircraft.
Gamer's favourite PUBG has already released its, the Motor Glider aircraft.
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