Nokia 5800 Handsfree Solution Jumper Problem Ways Handsfree Not Working

Nokia 5800, well for those of you who never experienced a problem like this, it certainly never the phone if you find a problem to plug a headset in the headset but the picture would come out when in use for the phone is not ADA music of his voice, ADA also sometimes voice on the phone but just live next door.

Problems like this often happens because the drive headset next break point when his voice was just THERE next, and if it does not sound at all ADA was in because the drive broke his two-two lines.

We do not let one of his regular analise the ADA also direct what, it’s just Headsetnya connector only, not !!! Such problems not because it drives Headsetnya Headsetnya connector is damaged, problems like that in because NO pathway in the ic is broken, but if you do not know her well THERE you try to replace his hedset connector first, if you have a headset connector turns dressing her results have not been THERE, you just do terahir step, ie remove / dispose of it immediately after the headset ic jumper on the legs doing the ic as the schema above.

Schema above is very precise instructions to our practice, as I do not want to create a schema from-home for it if it is useless, and the schema above would especially be true for headset ic hp that has five legs, one example of which is nokia X2-01, hopefully you mean with the schema that I created above.

I am very grateful to you for taking the time to visit our website is hopefully a solution that you need can be found in this, and hopefully all of my posts can help all your problems, good luck try to do her. Thank you.

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Nokia 5800 Handsfree Solution Jumper Problem Ways Handsfree Not Working