Nokia 110 Short Solution

How to fix a Short 110, Nokia 110 Short Solution, have you ever encountered problems like this but have not come across a solution, here we will explore issues 110 Short on Nokia phones.

the first position if your phone is still alive but the heat and wasteful phone battery, trying to do the release on Vbat capacitor that has a black color as we put a red box at the top of the schema below, after you loose capacitor & Short apparently lost, automatically damaged / Short Ic PA Nokia 110, please change to use the new PA Ic / former also can

The second, the position of the mobile phone Short battery life is also wasteful, but the phone is not hot, you please replace Capacitor sequence number two from top to bottom as above Schema, Schema is already contained in his review anyway.

the latter, when nokia 110 Mator / Short, can say specifically, mobile position Mator but in check using Multi tester Short / short-circuit, it is still on the also permasalahanya Vbat Capacitor, Cpacitor you please replace it using another capacitor, its capacitor layout if The above sequence Schema third / bottom itself.

With the solution we created above may help the problem Short on your Nokia 110 mobile phone, good luck good luck.