How to become a Cabin Crew in India

How to become a Cabin Crew member in India? Jobs (roles), Responsibilities, Courses, Fees, Scope and Salaries, everything you must be aware of before opting out for the career.

According to aviation regulations, no member of the aircrew will fly more than 72 hours a month. This ensures work-life balance along with attractive salaries.
In India, an air hostess can earn between Rs. 16,000 and Rs. 45,000 in domestic airlines. In international flights, the number tends to touch higher scales in the salary graph.

After a few years of servicing as a cabin crew, you can get promoted to head attendant and enjoy a higher salary package. 


Who is a Cabin Crew / an Air Hostess?

Cabin crew is one of the prime roles in the aviation industry. A cabin crew, which comprises of air hostess (female) and/or flight steward (male). The team is responsible for the comfort, welfare and safety of the passengers on board.

Apart from checking the comfort facilities for the travelers they also have the responsibility to check all the emergency arrangements before taking off and landing the flight. 

The Indian aviation industry is one of the top-largest in the world as reported by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This sector has witnessed tremendous growth over the last few decades with the rising economic infrastructure of the country.

According to the economic report by Goldman Sachs, the country has about six million aircraft and 400 million passenger departures. Choosing the career as an air hostess is beneficial for young candidates for the nature of the job, the salary it pays, and the future it holds for them.

The face and representatives of any airline

There’s no doubt, flight attendants are definitely the face of the airline they represent.

Cabin Crew represent the starlight of any airline. It and their provided services is the only and first thing any passenger will and can remember about the airline company.

In the current ruinous competition, airlines are giving particular thought to the selection and appearance of their flight attendants.

From their height, figures and smile to their uniform, flight attendants are the most important aspect of the advertisement of any airline.

Educational requirements and eligibility

To become an air hostess:

  • The aspirant should have completed 10+2 education in any stream or an undergraduate degree in aviation.
  • The age limit for applying for the course is between 17 years and 26 years.
  • The candidate should be a minimum of five feet and two inches tall in height.
  • The candidate should be unmarried at the time of applying for the course.
  • They should have normal eyesight or corrected to 6/6 in both eyes. The candidate should be medically fit and have a pleasing personality.

To apply for the training, the candidate can directly go to the training institutes or the airlines after seeing an opening. After selection, the airlines will conduct an initial screening process, in which the height and weight of the candidate are accessed.

The candidate has to clear the entrance test conducted by the airlines. After passing the test, the main interview will be conducted to access the voice, language fluency, communication skill, and personality of the candidate.
The selected candidates will be offered air hostess training by the airline for a period of six months.

Required skillset for becoming an Air Hostess

Air Hostess is a course that demands a lot of soft skills and personality training. The air hostess is required to be confident, and have a pleasant and friendly personality. Other skills that are required are:

  • They should have a clear speech and voice
  • Should be a team player and be patient at all situations
  • They should have good personality and appearance and be swift in taking decisions
  • They should have good communication skills in the local language and any foreign language
  • It is important for them to have a good sense of responsibility.
  • They should have a good presence of mind and take initiative in all situations
  • They should carry a positive attitude at all times and be ready to work with flexible timings
  • They should have inherent team-working skills

Cost of undertaking Air Hostess Course in India

Air hostess training can be taken up at three levels, certificate courses, diploma courses, and degree courses. The course fee is between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 1,50,000 depending on the course and the institute.

But for becoming an air hostess, one has to work towards getting selected by an airline. They also give free training with a stipend making the course even more economical to learn.

Top Institutes for taking Air Hostess Training

There are few colleges that offer air hostess training in India and will render training on-ground services, air hostess training, handling aviation cargo, hospitality and customer services. The top training institutes are.

Top Air Hostess Training Institutes In India 2017
College Rank Name of the college Programme Fee (in Rs lakh)
1 Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Delhi 1.50
2 Wings Air Hostess and Hospitality Training, Gujarat 1.35
3 Universal aviation academy, Chennai 1
4 Jet Airways training academy, Mumbai 1.45
5 The Bombay Flying Club’s College of Aviation, Mumbai 1.50

Career Prospects and Salaries

To become a successful air hostess, one has to have a pleasing personality and appropriate education. The field has a tremendous scope and is expected to grow at a steady pace with each passing year.

  • With the liberalization of the FDI policy, tremendous investments are expected in this sector in the near future.
  • The airline industry flourishes with the emergence of new airlines and massive investments.

A career as an air hostess also pays with excellent salaries and an attractive work environment. They are paid up to Rs 2 lakh a month if working with international airlines.

The salary is between Rs. 30,00 to Rs. 45,000 with domestic airlines. Apart from regular monthly salaries, they are also entitled to other perks such as discounts on flight tickets, retirement benefits, and medical insurance.

Some of the top recruiters for air hostesses are, Indian Airlines, Go Air, Air IndiaDelta AirlinesJet Airways, Gulf Air, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, United Air, Lufthansa, etc.

FAQs on Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess

Q.1) What qualifications do you need for cabin crew/ air hostess?

To be hired as a cabin crew/ air hostess, one needs to be a minimum of 17 years of age. Along with fulfilling the age limit criteria, aspirants need to be well-versed in English to be hired as cabin crew.

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Apart from this, fluency in any other language will be an added advantage. Candidates are hired as cabin crew once they complete a 10+2 level of education.

Q.2) What does cabin crew/ airhostess do?

A Cabin crew or air steward/ air hostess are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers flying with an airline.

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Everyday duties of cabin crew include greeting passengers, showing them to their seats, informing of air safety procedures, helping passengers who have special needs and greeting passengers as they de-plane.

Q.3) What is the difference between cabin crew and air hostess?

There is no difference between both job profiles.

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They are simply two different words used to define the same job profile. An air hostess or cabin crew is tasked with looking after passengers on an aircraft.

Q.4) Is graduation necessary for cabin crew?

The minimum educational requirement to be hired as cabin crew is completing 10+2 level education in any stream. Candidates who have completed their graduation will not be given any special advantage.

To become a cabin crew/ air hostess one does not need to be from a specific stream or have pursued a specific course. On the contrary, aspirants need to fulfill other eligibility criteria such as weight, height, good communication skills, good vision, etc. to be hired as cabin crew.

Q.5) Is this (cabin crew) a respectable job?

Cabin crew/ air hostess as a profession requires aspirants to have a pleasing personality and fluency of language. Cabin crew job profile is not easy. It requires one to be on their toes, work irregular hours and also have good communication skills.

It is an under-rated job. Cabin crew members are not there just to serve food and beverages to passengers but their primary job is to tackle emergency situations and ensure the safety and security of passengers in the aircraft.

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