Etihad Airways, Jazeera Airways, and Qatar Airways will achieve the IATA Travel Pass

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Gulf airlines are at the forefront of the global aviation industry’s efforts to rebound following the impact of COVID-19.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that five airlines will implement the IATA Travel Pass in a phased rollout across their networks.

These include Etihad Airways, Jazeera Airways, and Qatar Airways as well as Dubai-based Emirates as IATA Travel Pass implementation pioneers.

The statement, made on the sidelines of the 77th IATA Annual General Meeting, supports 11 months of extensive testing by 76 airlines.

IATA app to manage travel complexities

“After months of testing, the IATA Travel Pass is now entering the operational phase. The app has proven itself to be an effective tool to manage the complex mess of travel health credentials that governments require.

It’s a great vote of confidence that some of the world’s best-known airline brands will be making it available to their customers over the coming months,” declared Willie Walsh (pictured below), IATA’s director-general.

The app offers a secure way for travelers to check conditions for their journey, get test results, and scan their vaccine certificates.

Travelers do this, to verify and meet destination and transit requirements, while also sharing the information effortlessly with health officials and airlines before departure. 

This will increase to 74 countries, representing 85 percent of global traffic, by the end of November.

Save time, avoid queues

This will avoid queuing and congestion for document checks – to the benefit of travelers, airlines, airports, and governments.

The announcement comes as air tourists have grown increasingly frustrated with the Covid-19 travel restrictions, IATA reported.

A 4,700 respondent survey commissioned by the association demonstrates the belief that the risks of Covid-19 can be effectively managed. And as a result, that the right to travel should be restored. 

It said 67 percent of respondents felt that most country borders should be opened now, up 12 percent from the June survey.

It also added that 64 percent of respondents felt that border closures are unnecessary and have not been effective in containing the virus while 73 percent responded that their quality of life is suffering as a result of Covid-19 travel restrictions.

IATA Travel Pass is expected to play a key role in the aviation industry’s recovery from the impact of Covid-19.

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