Difference Between AIRPORT & AERODROME

Many times we use airport time period to call any place where aircraft operates but do you realize it’s not usually authentic and to understand about it read this blog Let’s see the definition of each terms

Aerodrome :- an airfield: any area of land or water used for plane operation, regardless of centers. An airfield used for managed plane operation, either navy or civilian, having such facilities as are essential for operation.

Airport :- an airfield (a place precise for the takeoff and landing of aircraft), along with one or greater runways and (for industrial airports) one or more passenger terminals.

Aerodrome is an area wherein plane operates on rough runway or unpaved or paved runway without any facilities noted in definition, however includes basic centers like ATC and few floor help equipment. While airport is an area wherein aircraft operates on paved runway i.e., sturdy leveled surface and consists of all the facilities like nicely prepared terminals for passenger moves as well as having hangars to carry out transits and different maintenance of an aircraft.

We are able to call airport an aerodrome however, we cannot name an aerodrome an airport. Apart from variations there are numerous similarities like each has primary centers to perform takeoff and landings of aircraft in addition to ATC tower and floor supporting cars and equipment.

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